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Young Liberals – The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

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I’m on Facebook, as an individual and with a Fan Page for this blog. Today a conversation got started about the new Arizona law that attempts to stem the flow of illegal immigrants.

It was interesting; most participants were in their early twenties. I’m happy to report that my Grandson and his girlfriend were on the conservative side.

One of their friends is obviously a young liberal/progressive in her political leanings. That’s her right. But when the argument began to go against her she cloaked herself in liberal tactics. I am of a mixed Native American and European American heritage. I suppose she learned this from my Grandson, who is proud of his Native American blood (as am I).

Upon my comment about how our ancestors had come over legally and new immigrants should do so as well, she tossed into the mix the question (I’ll paraphrase here): Which ancestors did I mean, my Native American ones or the European ones who came and slaughtered them and stole their lands?

I’m putting this little incident out into the blogosphere to demonstrate how liberals are taught to debate. Once you see you are losing, make personal attacks on your opponent. We see this every day in the name calling that is talking place against the Tea Party Movement, and anyone else who disagrees with liberal/progressive policies.

The young lady in question had already accused the conservatives for being racist for agreeing with the path taken by Arizona.

Name calling; be it racist, extremist, right-wing radical, or a slur on your opponent’s heritage are not a means to better understanding. They provoke anger and resentment and nothing more. But, maybe that’s the point.

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Eichenbaum’s Views on Illegal Immigration

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As you know, I am supporting Dr. Dan Eichenbaum in the North Carolina District 11 Congressional Primary. Dr. Dan is running as a Republican in a crowded field. In my opinion he is the only candidate in that field who can pose a serious challenge to the incumbent Heath Shuler. Shuler is a “blue dog” democrat who has proven himself to be Nancy Pelosi’s lap dog when time comes to vote. Oh, he has voted “no” on health care and other issues, but only after enough votes were assured that his vote didn’t matter in the outcome.

I’ve met and corresponded with Dr. Eichenbaum and believe he is a true conservative. His values and vision for our country closely match those of many of us who are in shock at what the current administration is doing to the nation. Dr. Eichenbaum has a plan and is man enough to put that plan into action when he takes a seat in Congress.

Yesterday, Arizona took the lead in doing something about the illegal immigrant situation in America. Dr. Dan Eichenbaum has strong views on the illegal immigrant problem. This is an excerpt from his website on illegal immigration:

“A nation is not a nation without borders. It is essential for our security that we enforce the immigration laws as currently written and erect whatever barriers are necessary to prevent illegal aliens, drug smugglers, and terrorists from having unlimited entry to our country. People who enter this country illegally and are convicted of crimes should be deported. Law enforcement personnel should be required to determine the immigration status of persons detained or arrested for criminal acts. While it is impractical to locate and deport each individual who is here illegally, taking these steps would enhance voluntary self-deportation.” . . .

“Experience confirms that amnesty does not prevent illegal immigration… but instead, promotes it. Additionally, by “winking” at these law breakers, it bypasses the screening process which blocks potential criminals and terrorists from entering the US. Furthermore, it is unfair to those who have lawfully stood in line, awaiting the opportunity to experience the American Dream and freedom.

As a member of the House, I would vote against amnesty.”

Dr. Dan Eichenbaum is my choice for U.S. Congress from N.C. District 11. Wherever you live, find a candidate you can support and work to get them elected. Our best weapon against the corruption in Washington is our votes and the candidates we choose to replace the current incumbents.

Trust In Freedom, Granny

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Obama Watch – Arrival Day

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The President and First Lady are scheduled to arrive at Asheville Regional Airport at 1:20 p.m. today. A cargo plane carrying the limo and other presidential accessories arrived Thursday morning. We have had numerous helicopters and military planes in the area for days.

Local authorities are under strict orders not to divulge the route from the airport to the Grove Park Inn, so local residents and motorists may be in for unexpected delays.

Here is a list of links to today’s local articles about the visit.

Asheville Area Police, residents prep for Obama’s visit

Weather for the visit – he might not get that golf game after all.

GOP comments



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