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Don’t Blink: Call His Bluff

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That’s our plea to the Republican’s involved in the debt ceiling discussion with his royal highness, Obama.

My fear is that our sometimes (well most of the time) lily-livered Republican leaders will get scared of “political ramifications” and back down.

For once, they should concern themselves with doing what’s right, what the American people want them to do. If they back down and make another stupid deal with the Marxist-in-Chief; we stand a very good chance of losing our country forever.

We elected a Republican majority to Congress in 2010 so that Obama could be stopped. Too bad we couldn’t elect the Speaker of the House and put a principled leader into that position. Each and every time the Republicans draw a line in the sand for Obama to cross they go back the next day (or within hours) and smooth the line away.

Obama didn’t give me headaches, he just made me angry. The combination of Obama and Boehner keep my head throbbing and my blood pressure way too high. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Obama says if no agreement is reached he can’t guarantee Social Security or military pay and pension checks will go out. What a lie and dirty trick.

If the checks don’t go out it will because Obama decided to punish seniors and military folks, not because there is no money. There are plenty of revenues pouring into the treasury to cover the debt payments and obligations to Social Security, and retired and current military personnel. Don’t be fooled by smooth rhetoric on that one. We are being lied to, again.

Sure, if we reach the debt ceiling there will have to be cuts. Some departments will have to lay off workers. Oh my! Well, we regular citizens have lived through lay offs and reduced hours for years now. Why should government workers be exempt? Let them feel our pain. Maybe they will pay attention after they go through the agony the rest of us have endured since Obama became President.

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14th Amendment Requires Debt Limit Hike Something Something (via Flaming Dumbass)

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Well Said!

14th Amendment Requires Debt Limit Hike Something Something From the people who brought us the concept that the Commerce Clause somehow empowers the Federal government to require us to purchase healthcare insurance: Some Democrats, apparently eager to find any contrivance that will let them avoid spending cuts, have seized upon a snippet of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution that they say allows–even requires–the federal government to borrow more if the debt ceiling isn’t raised by the Aug. 2 deadli … Read More

via Flaming Dumbass

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