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We Will Never Forget

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Threats and Name Calling

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Making threats and name calling are the weapons of choice of the Liberal Left.

Their plan is to make us, everyday citizens who have taken a stand for liberty, appear to be a racist, violent, mob intent on causing harm to all around them.

Take, for example, the comments of Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. on Labor Day. Never on any bog, television show, newscast, nor at any Tea Party meeting or rally has anyone took the microphone and threated to “take the sons of bitches out” when referring to politicians or their supporters.

The current Democratic strategy of calling us racist with the graphic example of “black people hanging from trees”; telling us to “go to hell” and offering to help us get there; and referring to us as the “barbarians at the gates” only make us more determined to rid ourselves of this blight that has settled onto our great nation. 

It makes the liberals sound desperate. It makes us more resolute.

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