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The Day After

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I’m going through the motions today. Many other conservatives and Tea Party activists are probably doing the same thing. We are stunned. We are in shock. We are depressed. Well, I am at least. 

The liberal media are celebrating. Their beloved Barrack Obama is President for four more years.


Mitt Romney ran a good campaign. He is being second guessed today by all the analysts and talking heads. But the fact is. . .


Those who voted for Obama voted because they want the welfare state. They want “free stuff”: Obama phones, Obama Bucks, food stamps, extended unemployment benefits, free health care. They want the “rich” to pay more so they can have more government hand-outs.

The majority of the voters wanted to keep letting Obama play Santa Claus with our money.

That’s the bottom line.

That’s why we lost.

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Two More Days

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We are at 2 more days until (please God) Mitt Romney is elected President on this great nation.

Then the real work will start. The Obama regime has done much damage and the work will be long. Reversing Obama’s lame duck executive orders, repealing Obama Care, rolling back regulations, and countless other cleanup operations will be waiting on Mitt Romney and his staff.

Can they do it? Can they pull us back from disaster? I think so.

Two more days!

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