Joining the NRA

Posted on January 20, 2013. Filed under: Gun Rights, NRA | Tags: |

I joined the NRA this weekend.

I’m an almost elderly female who owns a legally registered hunting rifle. My Daddy taught me to shoot when I was 5 years old and he taught me gun safety before there was such a thing as gun safety classes.

I shot a few rabbits when as girl I went out hunting with my dad and I’ve taken out my share of cans when target practicing. Once upon a time I had to shoot back at a drive-by shooter. I missed; but he never came back.

Now, because a crazy in Connecticut decided to go slaughter babies, I have to fear losing my right to own a gun.

The liberals were waiting, biding their time until the right crazy did the ultimate act of vicious murder to use the public’s shock and grief to push their anti-gun agenda.

I own my rifle and I take great care with it. It is my “house gun” and I keep it for my protection. I won’t give it up. It is my right to have it in my home and use it to get a pesky rabbit or a home invader.

I joined the NRA. We gun owners need their help to stop the madness.


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