The Day After

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I’m going through the motions today. Many other conservatives and Tea Party activists are probably doing the same thing. We are stunned. We are in shock. We are depressed. Well, I am at least. 

The liberal media are celebrating. Their beloved Barrack Obama is President for four more years.


Mitt Romney ran a good campaign. He is being second guessed today by all the analysts and talking heads. But the fact is. . .


Those who voted for Obama voted because they want the welfare state. They want “free stuff”: Obama phones, Obama Bucks, food stamps, extended unemployment benefits, free health care. They want the “rich” to pay more so they can have more government hand-outs.

The majority of the voters wanted to keep letting Obama play Santa Claus with our money.

That’s the bottom line.

That’s why we lost.

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Two More Days

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We are at 2 more days until (please God) Mitt Romney is elected President on this great nation.

Then the real work will start. The Obama regime has done much damage and the work will be long. Reversing Obama’s lame duck executive orders, repealing Obama Care, rolling back regulations, and countless other cleanup operations will be waiting on Mitt Romney and his staff.

Can they do it? Can they pull us back from disaster? I think so.

Two more days!

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Are We as Willing?

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Over the last year I have read a history of the United States…twice. I have read biographies of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Currently I am reading a biography of John Adams. I am in awe of these men and what they accomplished.

We live in the greatest country in the world. If not for those men and many others who fought and died for our independence, where would we be today? Would we be as great? Would we already be in the midst of collapse as are the countries of Europe?

In those early days, men and women worked hard. Each had their sphere of influence and expertise and did their best. Those with personal hardships were helped by family, friends and their church. There was no welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, Social Security or Medicare.

The Founders were not all wealthy aristocrats who owned slaves as is popularly believed. Washington and Jefferson were “wealthy” but were also in debt up to their eyeballs. Adams came from a modest New England background and earned his living. His participation in the Revolution put his family in financial difficulty. Adams owned no slaves.  

I read about those early days and the sacrifices these men and women made for freedom and I look around me at the country as it is today. I shudder to think what these good people would say to us if they could see the mess we have made of things.

Religion and faith have been trashed, all churches – not just the Catholics – are under assault by the government. Morality has been tossed away. Make no mistake, the strong moral fiber of the Founders and the generations after them was what set this country on the way to greatness. Lack thereof will be one of the main reasons of her fall.

Many of our people now have no concept of earning their own way. We have a safety net for everyone. The rest of us work to provide these safety nets that are so often abused and misused. What we can’t provide with our taxes, the government borrows. These safety nets work so well that our poorest citizens are better off than half the world’s inhabitants.

When this great country was founded, it was a great experiment in self-governance. As the history of nations goes, we are still very, very young. The experiment is at a critical point as I see it. We are teetering on the edge of the cliff. Not just a financial cliff; a cliff that marks the divide between being a free self governing people or a nation of subjects, beholden of the whims of a ruler and ruling class.

The question now is; are we as willing to face hardships and the sacrifices to turn this country back toward what the Founders envisioned? Are we smart enough to see what is happening to us as a people: or are we going to sink into history as one more example of a republic that drifted back into monarchy? Will we continue to be citizens or will we become subjects?

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