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Rush Limbaugh, sluts and Cowardly Sponsors

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I only started listening to Rush about a month ago. I listen to the podcast of his show due to my work schedule. He can be a bit brash. I knew that. He can be in your face with his opinions. I knew that. In fact, I like it.

Maybe he used the wrong choice of words in referencing Ms. Fluke. Apparently the Leftist Feminist Legions think so. Those old biddies have their feathers all ruffled up. 

I wonder why they didn’t get upset when Sarah Palin was called names. Like the c**t word. Where were they when Michelle Bachman was being called names and put down by various commentators on left wing media outlets?  This double standard is getting old.

Rush has apologized for his choice of words. He is a gentleman. That’s not enough for the Leftists.

The Leftist Feminist Legions have attacked Rush. They began calling, emailing, tweeting and generally harassing his sponsors. At last count, 7 had withdrawn their advertising from Rush’s show. So be it. Rush will survive. In the meantime, conservatives are going to boycott the products sold by those sponsors.

Note to sponsors: There are more conservatives than liberals and we have jobs and purchasing power. That purchasing power is going to your competitors.

As for Ms. Fluke (why did anyone with such a name dare to put it out in public?) Ms. Fluke, I don’t know the details of your personal life (thank God). But when this old girl was your age and finished having babies, she bought her own birth control or got it from the County Health Department free or at reduced cost. If it was available for me at free or reduced cost some 32 years ago; it should be available for you. Yes, dearie, its available sans Congressional Hearings, Presidential phone calls, and being in the media spotlight.

You, Ms. Fluke, are using and being used. You will now either become a bigger fish in the liberal pond of “victims” – or you will be discarded on the liberal trash heap of the no-longer useful. Within a short span of time, no one will remember you and life will go on for the rest of us. Except when we have to pay for your birth control. You and all the other poor-little-me sluts out there.

~ Granny

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TRICARE for Life under Assault by Obama Administration

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In another assault on retirees, this time our military men and women and their spouses, Obama and his goons are leveling their guns at the TRICARE program for military health care. This article in the Washington Free Beacon sums up nicely what our government officials have in mind for our dedicated service members, now and as they age.

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