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I’m a Tea Party Activist: Not a Terrorist

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I call my representatives in Congress and let them know where I stand on the issues. I send emails and try to persuade them to cast their vote for what’s right. I talk to my neighbors, friends, and total strangers about what’s happening to our great nation and the peril lurking ahead if we continue on our current course. I urge everyone I know to vote intelligently, to research the candidates and know what they stand for. I urge them not to vote along party lines simply because they have always done so. I write this blog, post on Twitter and Face Book and do everything I personally can do to stop our nation’s decline. I hold a full time job. I pay taxes. I am a citizen of the United States.

I’ve grown accustomed to being called a racist. That is so normal for the Left. But terrorist!

Now I’m being called a terrorist? By no less than the Vice-President of the United States?

Oh sure, Joe Biden has since attempted to lie out of his statement. I say lie because it was so natural for Biden and the Left to go to such an extreme to discredit the Tea Party Movement. I’m sure they have even more vile names to call citizens who don’t go their way.

Mr. Biden, in my mind the only terrorist’s I’m worried about are the real ones. Those who hate Americans and our country and want to see it destroyed.

I guess that includes you, Obama and the rest of the liberal crowd.

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Inflation Already Here

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I mentioned in my post yesterday that I had been watching prices for  groceries going up. . . even though the government was assuring us there was no inflation. They were so sure of that, in fact,  that they didn’t give a cost of living increase to retirees this year.

Having not tracked the items I buy, I couldn’t give proof of my statement, but proof exists!

A new pricing survey of products sold at the world’s largest retailer (Wal-Mart) showed a 0.6 percent price increase in just the last two months, according to MKM Partners. At that rate, prices would be close to four percent higher a year from now, double the Fed’s mandate.

The “inaugural price survey shows a small, but meaningful increase on an 86-item grocery basket,” said Patrick McKeever, MKM Partners analyst, in a note. Most of the items McKeever chose to track were every day items like food and detergent and made by national brands.

Full article: CNBC’s Fast Money.

If the people in charge had to shop at Wal-Mart, like so many of us do, maybe they would have a better grip on the reality we face every day as our paychecks (or unemployment/Social Security checks) remain the same while prices on everything we buy increase.

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Miller – Shuler to Debate October 14th – Live on WLOS TV 13

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Jeff Miller vs Heath Shuler


Dear Friends,
Team Miller is very excited to share the news that on October 14th WLOS will host a live debate between Congressman Heath Shuler and Jeff Miller. The debate will take place during WLOS TV 13’s 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. newscast. This debate will be a great opportunity for voters to hear why Jeff wants to represent the 11th District and his plans to put America back to work.

Team Miller realizes the importance of this debate and that is why we want all of our friends, supporters and volunteers to experience the debate and participate by submitting your questions to WLOS via Facebook.
If you have any questions about the debate or how to submit questions to WLOS’s Facebook please contact Katie Martin at

This will be a great night for Jeff and we encourage you all to submit your questions and cheer Jeff on!
Thanks again for all of your hard work.

– Team Miller


I won’t be able to see this. I still have a job and will be working during the debate. Please, please somebody tape it and put it on YouTube!

H/T to Thunder Pig for this copy of the press release (I’m not on Miller’s list to get such news).

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