July 4, 2013

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My granddaughter and great-granddaughter’s are coming to Granny’s cottage for a July 4th cookout. We will have the usual grilled hamburgers and all the fixings. It will be a rainy day, but we have promised our grill master (granddaughter’s hubby) that we will take turns shielding him from the downpour with Granny’s huge blue umbrella.

At some point during the festivities we will take time to read the Declaration of Independence and explain the reason for the celebration to my great-granddaughters. The oldest is heading to 4th grade and her mom and I are concerned at misrepresentations of our history already showing up in her text books. Granny’s plan is to head the liberal educators off at the pass. These little girls will not be indoctrinated if we can help it.

Have a safe and happy 4th and remember the challenges faced by our Founders 237 years ago. Remember their courage and realize that we come from them and have courage to face what lies ahead.

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If I Wanted America to Fail

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Various Thoughts As I Re-enter The Fray

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I haven’t had much to say on this blog lately. I’ve been trying to digest all that’s going on an it upsets my stomach.

The Nanny State is trying to control our salt intake, banning birthday parties in schools (now we can’t even eat cake!), we have to forgo our desire for “sugary drinks”,  and the list goes on. Enough already. We can make our own food decisions, thank you very much.

Word on the street is that the “old” Republicans are attempting to indoctrinate our new Tea Party winners into the corruption based insider Washington way of doing things. Lets hope and pray that our new representatives hold true to the movement that put them in office. We are watching, guys and gals, and will happily vote you right back out if you succumb to temptation.

Nancy Pelosi wants to continue in a leadership role in Congress. Oh please Lord, let her get her wish. We need her on the news each and every day touting her liberal agenda. We need to keep the electorate reminded at all times of the threat the liberals/progressives/statists pose for our great nation. A statist by any name is still a statist and their unwavering goal is the destruction of our country as we know it.

The infusion of ungodly amounts of currency into the system by the Federal Reserve has us flirting, well, French Kissing actually, with inflation. Based on my trips to the grocery store, inflation is already here. This will make it worse, quicker.

Thanks to the off shore drilling ban our gas and heating oil prices are headed upward daily. I don’t have a long commute. I don’t heat with oil. I feel sad for those that do. The trip to the job is cutting deeply into their income. I look at it as an Obama pay cut.

The Debt Commission wants to tack another 15 cents onto a gallon of gas. That will raise not only our price at the pump, but our cost for everything we buy. It is all transported by truck at some point and those extra taxes will be passed along to us via shipping charges. Like all businesses, those that transport our goods are in business to make a profit. Higher costs for them are passed along by raising their shipping fees on everything from food to the higher priced fuel that caused the increase in the first place.

Obama went on yet another trip. From what I’ve read it didn’t go exactly as he planned. He came home without a free trade agreement with South Korea, he was lectured to by  leaders of socialist countries that the U.S. was becoming too socialist. Ugh? Yeah, right. We knew that, we regular folks. Obama? Well, we still aren’t socialist enough in his mind.

My family and yours are doing more belt tightening. The Obama family is spending our money hand over fist. We could sure use an extension of the Bush tax cuts. If we don’t get it, the increased taxes will be the Obama Tax Increases in my mind. But Obama doesn’t care about what’s good for us. Its all about him.

I keep waiting for the speech in which Obama will appear at the podium wearing the emperors purple robes and crown, holding a diamond encrusted scepter while he reads from a gold plated teleprompter.

You can see it too, can’t you?

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