The Day After

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I’m going through the motions today. Many other conservatives and Tea Party activists are probably doing the same thing. We are stunned. We are in shock. We are depressed. Well, I am at least. 

The liberal media are celebrating. Their beloved Barrack Obama is President for four more years.


Mitt Romney ran a good campaign. He is being second guessed today by all the analysts and talking heads. But the fact is. . .


Those who voted for Obama voted because they want the welfare state. They want “free stuff”: Obama phones, Obama Bucks, food stamps, extended unemployment benefits, free health care. They want the “rich” to pay more so they can have more government hand-outs.

The majority of the voters wanted to keep letting Obama play Santa Claus with our money.

That’s the bottom line.

That’s why we lost.

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We Will Never Forget

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iStock_000016871947Smalla 9-11

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Who Do They Think They’re Fooling?

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The debt crisis is past.

The House and Senate finally rolled up their sleeves and gave us. . . nothing. They gave Obama what he wanted. More borrowing power so he can get us even further into debt. A debt limit increase on the biggest credit card in history.

We got empty promises of “spending cuts” that actually are only reductions in the growth of future government spending; not cuts. We got a new committee of 12 democrats and republicans who won’t agree on anything. We got shafted. . . again.

Now Obama can get back to his fund raising for 2012, golf outings, basketball, concerts, fancy dinners, vacations. . . all that important “presidential” stuff he really likes about the job.

Congress can take the rest of the month off to pat themselves on the back for the stupendous snow job they pulled on the American people. Yes sir, give the people some drama, theater, hand-wringing, and name-calling (while the backroom deals are taking place) then – with great effort – come to a “compromise”.

Just who do they think they’re fooling?

This debt ceiling “compromise” is no compromise at all. Its just more Washington business as usual. It is precisely what has got to stop before our economy and society collapses. The imploding of a nation and society such as ours would be an event not seen before in all of history. It would be catastrophic for us all. A collapse of the United States will send shock waves around the globe.

Seeing the lack of concern shown by our politicians, it seems to me that we are set on the course of self-destruction. Their concern seems to be maintaining the inside the beltway culture and lifestyle they have grown accustomed to, not doing the jobs they were elected to do. They have lost touch with We the People. Their allegiance is now to big government.

We might only have one more chance to stop this madness. Election day 2012 could very well be our last opportunity to save our nation. Dear God, let us use it wisely.

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